Reducing Risk


Cunningham Resource Solutions work closely with our clients to reduce incidents in the workplace and aim to increase awareness and safety with a pledge.

Target Zero

With a 93% reduction in Lost Time Incidents (LIT's) reported since 2006, our current initiative is named: "Target Zero".

This aims to demonstrate care, worker welfare, create risk awareness, ensure competence and compliance, guarantee adequate resources and align all our contractors and personnel through leadership commitment and our internal HSE involvement.

We do this by introducing Golden Rules that are applied to reach our goal of zero LTI's on our jobs.

Reducing Risk

We begin reducing risk from the first contact we make with our employee’s or contractors. From first interview to Pre-employment medical through to mobilisation they are vetted and educated on our company HSE standards as well as the project specific and client policies. By the time the employee or candidate arrives at the project location they are fully informed on the environment that they are in and the associated risks and dangers.